Uncategorized October 19, 2022

4 Benefits to Having a Real Estate Agent

Whether your primary focus is buying or selling a home in the Bakersfield, CA area, a financial move of this magnitude needs to be taken very seriously. Many homeowners may toss around the idea of handling their real estate for sale themselves or opt to shop around for home alone, without the help of a real estate group. However, Coldwell Banker Preferred, REALTORS® in California can help take the stress and pressure off your shoulders by handling different aspects of real estate listings. Our commitment as real estate agents is to provide superior client care and to accurately represent our clients during property transactions. Discover all the possible benefits of working with a Coldwell Banker Preferred, REALTORS® agent while buying or selling a home, and get in touch with us today!


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As we briefly touched on above, our mission at Coldwell Banker Preferred, REALTORS® is to accurately and honestly represent our clients who are undergoing the buying or selling process. We’re committed to providing a seamless, enjoyable experience, listening to your concerns, and helping you find the perfect Bakersfield area property. Alternatively, our real estate agents can help cultivate buyers who are interested in purchasing your California home. Let our real estate group personnel act as communicative mediators during these critical transaction situations. Coldwell Banker Preferred, REALTORS® will ensure there are no surprises and that all parties have a firm understanding of the agreement.


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Couples or families who are selling their Bakersfield home may be unsure of how to properly price it. In the world of real estate listings, it’s important to accurately present how valuable property is and to have a reasonable asking price. However, performing independent research on how valuable your property is can be time-consuming and may not get you the results you need; not to mention an exceptionally low asking price will undercut your profits from selling. Coldwell Banker Preferred, REALTORS® can help you navigate this part of the selling process by providing recommendations on how to best present your listing to buyers. Let our real estate agent advocate for you and help you put your property on the California market!


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Another critical aspect of selling a California property is managing open houses, visits from potential buyers, and the staging of the property itself. With so many moving parts, it can be difficult to keep track of them all yourself while also going about your everyday life. But this is where the real estate agents from Coldwell Banker Preferred, REALTORS® come in — in our mission to provide exceptional client care, we can help you manage all the small aspects of selling your home. Let us help you coordinate visits from buyers and stage your property to best illustrate the features and overall aesthetic of your property. In fact, our real estate group has a lengthy history of selling homes quickly and for top dollar in this West Coast market. Take advantage of our digital strategies and marketing plans by contacting us today!


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Generating interest in your California property from multiple sources is key to selling for the highest price possible. A critical aspect of achieving this deal is exposing your property to as many potential buyers as possible, which is something Coldwell Banker Preferred, REALTORS® takes very seriously. Our processes are designed to cultivate qualified buyers who are looking for a home exactly like yours. The proven methods our real estate agents employ will assist you in selling your California property at a substantial profit.



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